Tiffany T. McVeety

The passion and persistence you have as an entrepreneur drives your success perhaps greater than any other factor.

Passion and persistence without the right tools can lead to a waste of your precious resources—time, money and talent. 

With the training and support of Tiffany McVeety and the Girandola program, I have been able to build a blossoming business. As a new business owner I have been able to regain control of my time while increasing my income significantly. I am thrilled to be an entrepreneur.
— Kyler Frisbee, Founder and CEO, Optimal Tech Staffing, Idea to Launch On Demand Graduate, 2015
Before finding you and your entrepreneurial workshops, I felt I was swimming alone in the deep vast sea, trying to navigate some kind of business venture that I could set up for my son, who is developmentally disabled. After taking the What’s Next workshop, my eyes has been opened to the invaluable resources available to help me set up a business. But something I gained that I feel is even more important, is the feeling of connection and community with other entrepreneurs in the same boat as I. I no longer feel alone in the deep vast sea. Being connected to a community of like-minded individuals with similar goals of creating work for their disabled adult child is extremely empowering and will help me to persevere through any storms that may come throughout the journey I am on with my adult son.

You are the lighthouse beaming out over the deep, dark ocean, guiding us entrepreneurs to navigate the rough seas. Because of you, I will never lose sight of a bright future for my son!
— Xanne Sarka, Entrepreneurial Edge What's Next? Graduate, 2014
It [Idea to Launch] opened up my mind, cleared the cobwebs and got me back on track—I was beginning to think that may not be possible.
— Nancy L. Stewart, Event Photographer, Idea to Launch Graduate, 2013

Opportunity-driven entrepreneurs are 80 percent more likely to achieve business success.

We help you uncover opportunity through our proven and acclaimed specialized training for encore entrepreneurs (over 50), people in career transition, women entrepreneurs, and would be entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

Entrepreneurship Education for the “Third Billion”


You may not have heard of the "third billion," but you may one day feel their impact. The third billion is a term used to describe the billion women, mostly from emerging markets who will join the global economy as employees, employers and entrepreneurs over the next decade.

From Kazakhstan to Turkey, women entrepreneurs are on the leading edge of this shift, poised to transform their local economies and, in doing so, change the world.

Fifty is the new 20. A time to decide what you want to do with the rest of your life. Encore Entrepreneurs - small business owners over the age of 50 - are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the U.S. 


We help you uncover opportunity through our proven and acclaimed specialized training for Encore Entrepreneurs.

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